Hannah explains how IECS increases profitability

Here Hannah Vasey, Marketing Manager at Natgraph Ltd, explains the role of intelligent energy-saving technology in drying and curing process equipment and how it will increase profitability and lower energy costs for companies. Market research shows that 84% of consumers state sustainability is important to them when making purchase decisions, but 47% say that it … Read more

Natgraph’s IECS Technology

Natgraph’s solution, Intelligent Energy Control System (IECS) considers how we can make our drying and curing machinery more energy-efficient by drastically reducing energy consumption during machine downtime. Complete the form below to enquiry about how our Intelligent Energy Saving Systems can save you money ⬇️

Natgraph’s top 3 cost saving retrofits

Now more than ever, with the current cost of living crisis escalating, companies are looking to increase their profitability whilst ensuring their processes are efficient and cost-effective. 💰 We are here to show you the three most effective cost-saving solutions you can add to your Natgraph Machine as a retrofit to upgrade your savings whilst … Read more

Natgraph enters reel-to-reel market

NATGRAPH, THE LONG-ESTABLISHED SUPPLIER OF HIGH-PERFORMANCE DRYING EQUIPMENT FOR INDUSTRIAL PRINT, IS ENTERING THE REEL-TO-REEL PRINTING AND COATING MARKET. Built on decades of success supporting the most demanding applications, Natgraph bring exceptional drying capabilities and significant new levels of energy efficiency to the Reel-to-Reel (R2R) coating and printing sector through excellent control and product design … Read more

Natgraph announces rebrand

Natgraph widens its horizons as company re-brand reflects growth and application diversification. Natgraph, the global leader in advanced drying technology, announced today that it has completed a major rebrand. The rebrand showcases their new corporate image and diverse range of applications. Natgraph established in 1979, was purchased by the Indutrade group in 2019 and has … Read more

Now is the time to consider our led uv curing options

As the global leader in industrial print drying, with over 14,000 product installations over the past 40 years, we have been closely monitoring the development of LED UV cured inks, coatings and curing hardware. We now firmly believe that that the availability and cost effectiveness of the inks and LED Curing systems now make this … Read more

The smart way to slash dryer operating costs

The massive cost-saving benefits of Natgraph’s Intelligent Energy Control System (IECS) in the industrial print drying sector have been recorded in a newly-published technical factsheet.  Savings of up to 65% have been registered by customers using Natgraph dryers which incorporate IECS. Important environmental gains are also delivered in the process. Following on from the success … Read more

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