Outfeed Modules

Natgraph's outfeed section can also be customised to a required length. A combination of the below options or any purpose-designed and built outfeeds are available from Natgraph.

An outfeed is particularly useful when products are being manually offloaded to give the operator more room to do this.
Outfeed Modules contain the conveyor belt’s main drive motor, drive mechanism, automatic chain tensioning system, and drive roller.

Closed loop speed control with encoder feedback

Conveyor belt tensioning system

Extended Outfeed Module

Sizes available:
1m 2m

Outfeed Wing

Sizes available:
0.3m 0.5m 2m

The Static Elimination System prevents attaching to conveyor and dispersion of finished goods

Options are:

A single high efficiency ioniser shockless bar in an optimum location on a fully adjustable bracket. Automatic operation integrated into the dryer control system.

Belt Speed Options (Standard)
0.2-2 m/min 0.5-10 m/min 1-20 m/min 2-50 m/min 3-65 m/min

Alternative ranges available on request




Outfeed modules

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Heated modules

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