Infeed Module

There are a variety of customisable
Infeed Module options

All sections are modular and include a sheet hold down facility to stablise material as it travels into the drying sections.

Infeed Module

Sizes available:
1m 1.5m

*Other custom sizes are available.

Drop Down Infeed Module

Available in 1 or 2-metre lengths, these sections can be combined to allow a longer infeed section useful for IR bridge options, coating applications and hand-feeding from multiple print machines.

A colour CCTV system can be fitted to all Natgraph dryers, this system includes a dedicated TV monitor above the infeed of the dryer which is mounted on a fully adjustable stand. The CCTV camera is post-mounted above the stacker. This allows the operator to see the stacker without leaving the printing machine, which is very important when operating long, high-speed, fully automatic printing lines.

The colour of the beacon indicates the dryer conditions, for example, green indicates the dryer is ready, amber indicates standby mode, and red indicates that the dryer is not ready.

This system consists of 2 optical sensors mounted on adjustable brackets to detect sideways belt movement, controlling
a pneumatically operated, full width, belt tensioning bar.
This bar has a manually adjusted set point on one side and a pneumatically operated adjustment on the other.
Mounted within the inlet section of the dryer, the belt position is continually monitored and automatically adjusted to ensure correct tracking of the belt within the settings of the sensors.

Infeed Module with a pneumatically operated drop-down conveyor fitted with a vacuum hold-down system. The drop-down conveyor allows easy access to the print machine for set-up and cleaning.

Sizes available:
1.5m (1m retracted)



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Infeed section

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