Heated modules

All Heated Modules are each 2m in length and can be combined to suit the drying cycle time required.

  • High-performance fan systems
  • Air recirculation to achieve efficient heating and a powerful vacuum hold down
  • Exhaust levels controlled by manual or automatic dampers
  • Outer insulation layer to ensure minimal thermal losses
  • Quick response electrical heating elements
  • Closed-loop temperature control using PID control
  • Solid-state heating and IR load switching
  • Airways are constructed of stainless and galvanised steel. Can be all stainless steel for more demanding applications
  • Integral gas-filled lifting arms for ease of access for maintenance and cleaning
  • Recirculation filters – G4, M6
  • Heat exchangers option
Heating element banks
Air in
High temperature air fan
Ducted air out
High temperature recirculation filter

Cut away section of a high temperature module:

Warm Air Module

85 degrees centigrade maximum temperature using high velocity for efficient drying of water and solvent-based inks or coatings.


Electrical heating and high-pressure air systems are optimised to give evenly distributed curing performance throughout the entire heating process.

Hot Air Module

130/200/260/300 degrees centigrade maximum temperature – higher temperatures on request.


Fully enclosed stainless steel airbox construction with a high-temperature fan. Variable speed to control the substrate and optimise the curing conditions inside the process area.

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