The smart way to slash dryer operating costs

The massive cost-saving benefits of Natgraph’s Intelligent Energy Control System (IECS) in the industrial print drying sector have been recorded in a newly-published technical factsheet.

 Savings of up to 65% have been registered by customers using Natgraph dryers which incorporate IECS. Important environmental gains are also delivered in the process.

Following on from the success of the Natgraph ‘Intelligent UV’ system that was developed several years ago and subsequently fitted as a standard solution on all UV dryers, the same system of introducing a standby running condition was pioneered and developed at Natgraph’s Nottingham headquarters.

This is very similar to the stop-start principal used in most modern vehicles. Should the dryer not receive an input signal then it automatically switches to a standby condition until it is needed again.

 Central to the IECS mechanics is the input to the dryer control system which can be from a substrate sensor or from simple connections to one or more printers serving the dryer.

 Commented Natgraph’s Technical Director, Rick Mann: “Due to factors like set-up, colour change and screen cleaning, we know that the majority of printing applications are only processing substrates for approximately 50-65% of the time. This creates a great opportunity to rest the drying part of the process – something IECS does with great efficiency. 

 “We have calculator tools which can demonstrate to customers the exact financial saving they will register if IECS is engaged. This makes it particularly easy for owners of older dryers to justify upgrading to IECS.”

The Technical Factsheet, explaining how IECS works, and charting typical savings to be made, can be viewed here.

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