Natgraph announces rebrand

Natgraph widens its horizons as company re-brand reflects growth and application diversification.

Natgraph, the global leader in advanced drying technology, announced today that it has completed a major rebrand. The rebrand showcases their new corporate image and diverse range of applications.

Natgraph established in 1979, was purchased by the Indutrade group in 2019 and has since evolved its footprint into emerging markets and the company ethos. The rebrand not only includes new signage, head office decoration, logos, strapline, uniforms, and website update but also reflects the shift of company focus to a wider variety of applications.

“As we evolve our products to suit customer needs, our visual identity needs to mirror the shift. Over our 40-year history as a business Natgraph have and always will continue to evolve to stay ahead of industry trends and market changes, to strategically support the needs of our clients and our people,” said Andre Goodson, Managing Director of Natgraph.

Natgraph’s previous image reflected a strong screen-printing affiliation and whilst the brand maintains its close connection with the print industry, the new logo represents a wider variety of applications and industries including drying solutions for both medical and renewable energy markets of which we are seeing increased demand.

Marketing Manager, Hannah Vasey added “The spiral logo exemplifies circulation of air and drying process, the three colours represent hot air, cool air, and UV/LED technologies all of which are processes integral to Natgraph’s drying solutions. Natgraph’s strapline has also evolved from ‘You Print – We Dry’ to ‘Perfecting Drying Solutions’ – A more inclusive statement.”

Natgraph continues to be a vertically integrated UK manufacturer turning sheet steel into precise, controllable and energy-efficient electro-mechanical drying equipment. Their high precision machinery services some of the most demanding applications in the world and proudly has a long-established network of distribution partners around the world including Thieme GmbH, Inca Digital and Sakurai Graphic Corporation.

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