Architectural glass: the versatile applications of natgraph dryers

Applications of natgraph’s drying technology within architectural glass production Architectural glass is at the forefront of modern building design, offering a harmonious blend of aesthetics and functionality. From towering skyscrapers to sleek storefronts, architectural glass serves as a defining element in contemporary construction. As the demand for innovative glass solutions continues to grow, manufacturers in … Read more

Glass drying within the automotive industry: ensuring clarity and safety

Automotive glass drying with natgraph’s machinery Glass plays a vital role in the automotive industry, providing structural integrity, visibility, and aesthetic appeal to vehicles. From windshields to windows, the quality and performance of automotive glass are critical for ensuring safety and comfort for drivers and passengers alike. An essential step in the manufacturing process of … Read more

Harnessing the power of the sun: the role of natgraph drying machinery in solar panel production

Applications of natgraph drying technology in solar panel production The global shift towards renewable energy sources has driven the exponential growth of solar energy adoption. Solar panels, the cornerstone of solar power generation, rely on cutting-edge manufacturing processes to ensure optimal performance and efficiency. Natgraph Drying Machinery has emerged as a key player in the … Read more

Revolutionising glass drying technology: introducing natgraph ltd’s glass dryers

Introducing natgraph’s glass dryers In today’s fast-paced and innovative world, the demand for high-quality, efficiently manufactured products is constantly on the rise. The glass industry, in particular, relies heavily on cutting-edge technology to meet consumer expectations. One crucial aspect of glass production is the drying process, and this is where Natgraph Ltd steps in with … Read more

Automatic sheet stackers

Are you looking for a way to increase production efficiency and save time on your production line? Look no further than Natgraph’s Automatic Sheet Stackers. These fully self-contained units come equipped with their own drive motor, air blower, and hoist, and are available in a variety of sizes to suit your needs. With the ability … Read more

Hannah explains how IECS increases profitability

Here Hannah Vasey, Marketing Manager at Natgraph Ltd, explains the role of intelligent energy-saving technology in drying and curing process equipment and how it will increase profitability and lower energy costs for companies. Market research shows that 84% of consumers state sustainability is important to them when making purchase decisions, but 47% say that it … Read more

SAP business one

SAP software is used to control all types of critical business functions. By integrating and automating key processes, SAP will help Natgraph to run faster and more efficiently. Warren Hatfield, Financial Controller at Natgraph, recently worked with Ascarii to install SAP Business One on Ascarii’s AWS cloud platform. In this case study, Warren details the … Read more

Callam’s empower journey

Callam Guild, Sales Support Engineer at Natgraph, recently completed the 6-month transformational Skills 4 Empower for men programme with Indutrade UK Ltd. 👏 In this case study, Callam shares his experience of the programme and its benefits. “My Confidence has improved, and I feel like I have furthered my personal development by completing Empower.”

Natgraph’s IECS Technology

Natgraph’s solution, Intelligent Energy Control System (IECS) considers how we can make our drying and curing machinery more energy-efficient by drastically reducing energy consumption during machine downtime. Complete the form below to enquiry about how our Intelligent Energy Saving Systems can save you money ⬇️

Natgraph’s top 3 cost saving retrofits

Now more than ever, with the current cost of living crisis escalating, companies are looking to increase their profitability whilst ensuring their processes are efficient and cost-effective. 💰 We are here to show you the three most effective cost-saving solutions you can add to your Natgraph Machine as a retrofit to upgrade your savings whilst … Read more

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