Natgraph answers the needs of the most demanding print applications in the world

Our markets often require tailored, high-performance solutions and so being vertically integrated enables us to be agile, responsive, and innovative to create bespoke projects, this is one of the reasons that we are the leading drying and curing manufacturer globally.

Our Timeline

The first Natgraph Ancillary Machinery is produced.

In the late 80’s, Air Force Dryers are introduced to the product range.

Natgraph moves to their current, 30,000 square feet premises.

Introduced PLC with HMI allowing us to qualify the process to FDA approval for the manufacture of biosensors.

Natgraph introduced energy-saving products to their range.

Natgraph becomes part of the Indutrade Group.

Our History

Natgraph was founded in 1979

 Since has established itself as a key player in the Industrial Printing market globally. The company is based in Nottingham, UK from where it exports close to 90% of factory output to customers in Europe, The Americas and Asia.

Part of the Indutrade Group

In 2019 Natgraph became part of the Indutrade Group. Established in 1978, Indutrade is a Swedish Industrial Investment Group that acquires niche, innovative manufacturing companies. It has great experience and strength, with more than 200 companies and 6,000 + employees across the group.

Our company boasts a talented team with great expertise, deep experience and limitless energy.

We are proud to conform to the following ISO accreditations to ensure our product and factory are compliant with the stringent environmental, safety and quality standards.

ISO 45001   Occupational health & safety systems
ISO 14001   Environmental management

ISO 9001   Quality management systems

We also hold the Queen’s Award for Enterprise: International Trade

Today Natgraph answers the needs of the most demanding print applications in the world and as such are the drying and curing supplier of choice for the leading companies within the Automotive, Energy, Medical, Electronics, Security Print, Glass, Label, Textile Transfer and Print Finishing markets.


Our markets often require tailored, high-performance solutions and so our factory is designed for that very purpose. We are vertically integrated and convert sheet steel into precise, controllable and energy efficient electro-mechanical drying equipment. This approach enables us to be agile, responsive and innovative in our quest to support our customers with the best equipment available anywhere in the world.

We are proud of our close partnerships with leading companies in print that include Sakurai Graphic Corporation, Thieme GmbH and Inca Digital. These world-leading companies recognise the criticality of drying and curing for exceptional customer outcomes, and entrust Natgraph products to work seamlessly with their own.


Our business is fortunate to have a long-established network of distribution partners around the world. These companies are veterans of numerous projects so have excellent experience, product knowledge and the right relationships within our company to offer seamless customer experiences.



Key contacts

Andre Goodson
Managing Director

Warren Hatfield
Financial Controller

Lee Charnock
Production Manager

Michelle Kennedy
HR & Internal Sales Manager

Hannah Vasey
Marketing Manager

George Atkinson
Regional Sales Manager for EMEA

Callam Guild
Business Development Manager

Lisa Johnson
Spare Parts & Service Co-ordinator



A1. Over 90% of Natgraph’s output is exported with Europe, Asia and North America being key destinations.

A2. Yes, we have built numerous special purpose machines for print and non-print applications. Please get in touch.

A3. Yes, like all aspects of our equipment we are happy to offer specific design features, and this can include paint colour.

A4. We are pleased have an extensive network of distribution partners around the world who have the experience and knowledge to support you all the way through to installation.

A5. Yes, we are very experienced with these applications and have solutions developed to match these processes so please get in touch.

A6. We support applications concerning a wide range of plastic materials, paper, wood, steel, aluminium and other engineered materials.

A7. No our equipment is based around electricity. Our opinion is that this is cleaner, more uniform and more controllable than gas and this is critical to our customer’s quality needs.

A8. Our house default is Siemens but we have worked extensively with Mitsubishi and Allen Bradley

A9. The length of the dryer is dependent on the application and is influenced by the chemistry of the ink/coatings and also the process speed. We have built dryers from 2.5m through to 36m.

A10. Yes, we have high performance and competitive solutions for LED UV drying. This technology has come of age with falling lamp array costs and an ever-expanding choice of UV-curable inks. LED technology can also be retro-fitted to many of our machines. Please get in touch to discuss.

A11. Time at temperature is fundamental but other variables include air speed and IR intensity. Our experience and focus on precision and control of all variables mean that we understand drying like few others. Get in touch and we can help you to define, optimise and specify your drying.

A12. Not necessarily. Our Intelligent Energy Control Feature bridges the energy gap by around 50%. If you then consider that most modern LED solutions require water cooling and this requires a refrigeration plant that consumes energy then the difference is very small. Indeed the difference at this time does not justify the high cost of LED kit but this will almost certainly change over time.


Natgraph has over 40 years of experience in providing drying and curing solutions.

We design and manufacture all aspects of our products in our vertically integrated Nottinghamshire factory and are routinely asked to build equipment with very specific features. This means that in addition to well established and proven layouts for numerous applications, we are also able to cater for the less conventional process.

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