UV Cooling Modues

All UV Cooling Modules are 1 or 2m in length. Natgraph's UV technology is acknowledged as the coolest running and most efficient available. This has been achieved with extensive knowledge of discharge lamp requirements for optimum performance.

  • UV section can be fitted with 1 or 2 lamps
  • Lamp types – Mercury, Iron, Gallium doped
  • Intelligent electronic UV system – power saving up to 75%
  • Standard outputs – 120 w/cm
  • Optional high-power outputs 170 w/cm
  • Fully focused anodised aluminium reflectors for the highest UV impact
  • Low-temperature operation utilising quartz IR filters
  • Optional shutter system for web/reel-to-reel system integration



Ark UV Lamp

2m UV/Cooler (Ambient)

2m module with UV section followed by forced air cooling zone. Ducted cooling air intake for economical operation.

  • 2-metre module with a UV section with an ambient forced air cooling zone
  • Optional UV output monitoring and closed – loop control – for precise UV power output control

2m UV/Chiller (Refrigerated)

2m cooling module with recirculation air cooling. Air is refrigerated.

  • Optional UV output monitoring and closed – loop control – for precise UV power output control
  • Active cooling system using an external water chiller unit – integrated control
  • Low substrate impact temperature and efficient post cure cooling
  • Temperature monitoring
  • Condensate water drain

1m UV

  • 1-metre module with a UV section

Retrofit LED curing systems to ensure your machine is future-proof.

LED curing systems are now offered in the following new Natgraph dryers with the following options:

  • Wavelength of UV- 405/395/385 or 365 m
  • Power level – up to 24 w/cm using high-efficiency water-cooled LED COB (Chip on Board) system
  • Can be specified in any new-build free-standing UV dryer/mini dryer/combination dryer
  • Combination UV is also possible with 1 × LED, and 1 × Conventional UV lamp for maximum flexibility

An LED curing system has benefits in certain scenarios...

  • Energy-saving benefits as the LED head can be switched on and off quickly, with no cool-down time, no standby power operation is necessary
  • No ozone produced by the UV production so lower airflow volumes required
  • Lower substrate impact temperatures due to minimal IR generated by LED head
  • Higher UV intensities are possible than with conventional mercury arc lamps
  • No mercury content in the system eliminating the need for specialist recycling of lamps and reducing environmental impact
  • Life of LED is much longer than mercury arc lamps
  • The curing head has a much smaller footprint so limited space installations are possible



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