Rally detour to see swedish customers

Natgraph’s Commercial Director, Alan Shaw, and his wife Jan, took a small detour from their latest rally adventure – The Midnight Sun event through Sweden and Norway, up above the Arctic Circle to the North Cape – to call in on highly-valued customer, Hot Screen AB, in Fjärås, Sweden.

The rally starts in Gothenburg, in an area that probably has more Natgraph Dryers per square kilometre than anywhere else on the planet! So Alan and Jan could not resist including a little business in their schedule.

They were given an amazing reception by Hot Screen’s CEO, Fredrik Scanselid, and Tommy Forsberg the Production Manager, including a full tour of the premises where they were able to check out the company’s truly amazing screenprinting factory.

Alan and Jan will compete in the Midnight Sun Rally in their 1969 Porsche 911 rally car.

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