Dryers bound for biosensor sector

February 11, 2019

Two more high performance dryers have just left the Natgraph factory - bound for China and the biosensor market, and specifically blood glucose strip production for diabetes care.

Increasingly biosensors companies in emerging economies are sourcing equipment from Natgraph, knowing that only Natgraph can offer the precision & control, uniformity and traceability needed to achieve the validation, characterisation and approvals demanded by global markets.
This latest shipment is another important contribution that will see our Asian activity account for 17% of 2018/19 sales.
Another order received recently concerns a product derived from related technology and used to test water quality around the world. Applications include fish farming and swimming pools, through to drinking water.

The safety-critical nature of this project, like so many others, means there can be no compromise. Precision & Control, Energy Efficiency, Application Knowledge and Know-How (PEAK) are the cornerstone of every aspect of the Natgraph business.