Natgraph’s twin belt UV dryer

Natgraph’s highly skilled engineers have recently manufactured a Twin Belt UV Dryer with independent speed control for the two separate conveyor belts after a customer contacted them with the specific request.

The eight and a half metre long UV and Airforce Twin Belt Dryer was manufactured at Natgraph’s Nottingham based factory and has the ability for the operator to independently control belt speeds on the two dryer belts enabling a great level of flexibility for curing and/or drying two different products at the same time.

The Twin Belt Dryer also benefits from a positively tracked belt which ensures that the belt will stay within 2mm tracking tolerance, perfect for production processes requiring an added element of precision.

Space restrictions on the two independently running belts were the main considerations for the design and manufacturing team who completed the project in a short time frame to suit the customer.

“Our in-house design and manufacturing capabilities allowed us to meet our specific customer requirements enabling the customer to maximise flexibility in their demanding production requirements.”

– Darren Kerry, Head of Technical at Natgraph Ltd.

Natgraph design and manufacture all aspects of their products and so are routinely asked to build equipment with very specific features as they are flexible and able to react quickly to customer requests. Email [email protected] for more information.

You can watch a video of the Twin Belt UV Dryer in action by clicking on the button below which takes you to Natgraph’s YouTube Channel.

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