Natgraph enters reel-to-reel market


Built on decades of success supporting the most demanding applications, Natgraph bring exceptional drying capabilities and significant new levels of energy efficiency to the Reel-to-Reel (R2R) coating and printing sector through excellent control and product design which reduces energy loss.

Natgraph’s extensive experience has been built on answering the needs of a diverse global market, from precise print finishing, automotive applications to life critical medical products and alternative energy innovation.

Performance and energy efficiency have always been key considerations for Natgraph. The company has a unique capability to balance these two seemingly conflicting demands through a focus on product design and control excellence.

With energy costs spiralling and awareness of environmental impact growing, energy efficiency is increasingly important, which is why Natgraph balance their obligations to their customers and the environment with such care.

Three key energy saving features have been added to Natgraph’s new Reel-to-Reel machines reducing energy usage by amounts exceeding 50%.

  1. Air recirculation and optimised exhaust flow rates ensure that every kW of energy is efficiently utilised.
  2. Natgraph’s Intelligent Energy Control System aligns dryer energy consumption with process activity. If the press, for example, is in a standby or make ready condition the dryers will go into a low power hibernation mode awaiting a signal to instantaneously recommence.
  3. Heat exchangers preheat the intake air from the exhaust air which minimises the energy required to bring the cool air up to temperature.

The industry is very well served by innovators and suppliers of UV curing technology but much less so for water and solvent drying options. This is the market segment that Natgraph will bring innovative, high-performance solutions to.

Andre Goodson, Natgraph’s Managing Director commented, “At present the options available to OEMS and end users are limited. As a vertically integrated manufacturer we can collaborate with customers to design customised solutions for their specific processes, evaluating them fully and supporting their needs with an agile, service focused production capability.”

Natgraph is well accustomed to working with OEMs, distribution channels and end users around the world which means that they are uniquely placed to help all stakeholders answer the challenge.

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