George joins the team as EMEA Sales Manager

Natgraph has further strengthened its global team with the addition of a Sales Manager for Europe, Middle East and Africa.

George Atkinson brings considerable experience to Natgraph – he has worked both selling directly to end-users and managing distribution networks in Asia, the Middle East and Europe. Most recently he worked within the liquid storage tank industry where highly-engineered products are designed to complex specifications.

 Comments George: “There are many similarities in the products and with the customers’ exacting requirements for those products, meaning my experience will be directly relevant to Natgraph’s market. I am looking forward to building on Natgraph’s sales success and reputation as global leaders in their field.

 “We are also into an exciting period of exploring new applications for Natgraph products and I am looking forward to contributing to innovative projects while developing new markets.”

 Outside of work George is kept busy by his six-month-old son Ted, and in any free time enjoys throwing himself down hills in the Peak District on his mountain bike!

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