Control System

All modules are individually controllable from the operator panel. (HMI) and the process settings can be saved and recalled using the recipe facility.

Data logging of the process variables as standard.
The data can be extracted and archived for future reference externally.


Heat excharger

Energy Saving Systems

Natgraph’s Intelligent Energy Control System
(IECS) aligns dryer energy consumption with process activity. If the press, for example, is in a standby or make ready condition the dryers will go into a low power hibernation mode awaiting a signal to instantaneously recommence.

Heat exchangers preheat the intake air from the exhaust air which minimises the energy required to bring the cool air up to temperature.

¡4.0 Smart Control

The hours of operation for UV lamps are displaved when the UV Idle or IES Control is activated.
This gives a means of monitoring how much time has been spent with the dryer in full power operation and how much time there has been without substrate being processed.


  • Local online backup and restore of the project software through the PLC’s Web Server
  • Recipe date backup and restore via a USB key on the HMI
  • Data from the process can be viewed/saved
  • Locally monitor the PLC digital and analogue inputs/ outputs using the ‘Watch Tables’ tab.
  • Power monitoring and logging

Data available for download via Ethernet connection

  • Recipe name selected
  • Set values (SV) for the recipe selected
  • Actual values (AV)

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