Champion role for Natgraph

Natgraph Sales Director, Douglas Gray, recently had the pleasure of attending the Midlands Engine Export Champion Launch in Coventry – under the banner ‘Exporting is Great’ and was proud to be appointed as an Export Champion for 2019.

This was recognition of Natgraph’s outstanding export success, with 80% of our products shipping directly overseas and many of the domestic shipments being onward shipped to even more countries.

The UK government has an ambitious plan to grow exports as a percentage of GDP from 30% to 35%. Despite being one of history’s greatest trading nations, it seems that the UK has lost her way somewhat and our international ranking is not nearly as high as it should be. The Export Champion’s role is to inspire, motivate and support companies that could be selling overseas, and to encourage them to take the plunge and use the power of ‘Brand Britain’ for yet more success.

Commented Douglas: “My near 30-year career in British manufacturing has brought me much opportunity, satisfaction and fulfilment. It has enabled me to travel to five of the world’s continents on business where I have been fortunate to experience different cultures, do business, meet some amazing people and make great friends. I look forward to the challenges ahead and am proud to lend my fulsome support to the Export Champion programme.”

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