Celebration time at official award presentation

Natgraph’s Queen’s Award success was shared with the entire team on 23 July when Lord-Lieutenant of Nottinghamshire, Sir John Peace, visited our Nottingham factory to make the official presentation of a crystal bowl, and have the Royal citation read.

Sir John also took the opportunity to meet the Natgraph Management Team and hear how the company secured the Queen’s Award for Enterprise. He then took a tour of the factory before making the presentation.

Natgraph heard they had won the Queen’s Award in April and this official presentation was the latest in a series of celebrations which included a reception at Buckingham Palace, attended by Chris Preston and Rick Mann, during which they met Princess Beatrice of York, and a further reception at Nottingham University with HRH The Duke of Kent, in June, attended by Irene Fitzgerald, Geoff Bowley, Darren Kerry, and Alan Shaw.

Sales Director, Douglas Gray, received the Award on behalf of the company, and commented: “We were honoured to be visited by Sir John who was clearly very interested to see and hear how Natgraph has become the world leader in its field. This was also a very special day for all the team in Nottingham, whose skill, hard work and commitment have been key factors in our success over many years.”

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