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Our presence in the medical industry is largely focused on biosensors. These are typically the electrochemical devices associated with blood glucose testing for diabetes but there are numerous other applications for this technology, including water testing. These devices generally involve conductive carbon and silver inks. Usually these inks are suspended in solvent to ensure printability and it is this solvent that the dryer must remove following print laydown.

The capability of the dryer to remove this solvent will directly influence the performance of the functional inks. The drying process variables that influence this outcome include temperature, air speed, Infra-Red radiation, and belt speed. This cocktail of variables requires careful balance and close control in order to ensure effective solvent removal at a rate that matches the speed potential of the printing press.

Natgraph has worked with the global leaders in biosensors and has garnered considerable experience throughout. Often this work is defined in the Drying Solutions Centre and this knowledge and experience is designed into every Natgraph dryer.