Road Trip!

March 7, 2019

I face a challenge in light of Brexit and numerous other global macroeconomic factors. We need to spread the word about our great products and company ever more widely.

I wanted to include two key events into our calendar for the first time. Lopec in Munich and Printed Electronics in Berlin should, in my estimation, be good for our company. So how can I do this without completely blowing the marketing budget?

An idea emerged. I am unsure whether I was inspired more by Thelma & Louise or Jeremy Clarkson but the answer was a road trip. The plan:

  • Hire a van

  • Pack our kit for both events

  • Drive to Munich

  • Park the van safely after Lopec

  • Collect the van & materials

  • Exhibit at Printed Electronics

  • Drive back to the UK with many leads and orders.

So we have made it safely to our overnight stay in Alsace after a Eurotunnel crossing and a marathon 13h drive leaving 4h to Munich.

We are on schedule and will be set up by this afternoon and ready to start tomorrow.

Highlight of the trip so far was the UK Border Force chap at Folkestone mistaking our Tom Lyon for Frankie Boyle……YouTube him (Frankie not Tom) but please make sure there are no Scottish speaking children around when you do.

Hope to see you in Munich, Berlin, Düsseldorf or Chicago before we return to Munich for Fespa in May.