Opportunities blossoming in Japan

April 15, 2019

It is blossom season in Japan and almost my birthday so that means it is time for the annual Sakurai Open House.

This is an important annual event for Sakurai and our opportunity as a strategic partner to keep up with what is new with Sakurai products. It is also a great opportunity to manage and invest in relationships from around the world, agree plans and generally stay as close as possible to this very important customer and their network.

Travelling to Japan is absolutely no hardship. Japan is a fantastic contrast to western culture in almost every respect. I have travelled there many times over the years and find the people welcoming, the hospitality warm, the food great and the landscape beautiful and very mountainous. More broadly it is a country full of contrasts. It is on one hand very traditional but equally modern, harmony is valued highly and contrasts with the spectacular chaos of the urban areas.

Transport is efficient if a little expensive and relatively easy to navigate.

Asia accounted for 18% of sales during 18/19 so Sakurai and Sakurai’s network are key. I will also have the chance to meet partners from around Asia, so this trip really does represent an important fixture in the annual Calendar. If you get the chance to visit Japan do not miss out, I love it!

Douglas Gray