Moving on to Taipei

April 23, 2019

After 4 days in Japan I am now in Taipei to meet some prospective customers on Monday and Tuesday.

I enjoyed a little downtime yesterday and took some time to reflect on recent activity and what is ahead in the short term too.

I think this graphic shows the very international nature of our business and that location is absolutely no obstacle as we strive to serve the world’s industrial screen print and coating market. The graphic was prepared before last week’s Japan visit which has now added commitments for me in June for India and China.

All of them exciting prospects which need that visit and input from the manufacturer. Delighted also to report some emerging global interest in our sheet metal stacker which we recently launched. This is modified in order to give an excellent stack whilst guaranteeing no surface damage to the printed/coated sheet. The video for this product like all Natgraph information can be found at: In the meantime Happy Easter from Taipei.

Douglas Gray