Investing to meet the challenges

February 28, 2019

We are being bombarded with news about the slowing down of the global economy. The US China trade dispute is beginning to bite and there are broader concerns about debt and a housing bubble in China before we consider Brexit.

The auto market is one of the early indicators of trouble and so it is true this time around. JLR are cutting 4,500 people, Nissan has abandoned plans to build X-Trail in the UK and the Ford engine plant in Wales is looking vulnerable.

Rather than hunker down, wait and hope Natgraph will continue to invest and drive our way through the impending challenges. We will work harder, market our products smarter and focus on our sales with innovation and efficiency.

When considering trade-shows we are shifting our focus to smaller, focused and more niche events and will put our theory to the test throughout the year. We have planned 9 events so far. These will include: Lopec – Munich, 20 & 21 March ESMA - AFIP – Dusseldorf, 27 & 28 March Printed Electronics – Berlin, 10 -11 April FP3 – Chicago, 5-7 May Fespa – Munich, 14-17 May Printing United – Dallas, 23-25 October IDTECHEX – Santa Clara, California, 20-21 November Inprint – Munich, 12-14 November.

There will be many platforms for our customers to keep up with product and application developments.

By Douglas Gray