Huge success in our 'Other World'

September 19, 2019

Natgraph is strongly associated with the industrial print market and this will always be a central part of our business. Happily there is demand in OTHER WORLDS that do not necessarily relate to print and where our PEAK Capabilities are needed. 

We are delighted to announce that we have won a project to supply an oven with the highest value for a single unit in our 40 year history. At well over £500K in value this reinforces our view that Natgraph's unique blend of vertical integration, design talent, application knowledge, know-how and quality, have a place in other markets. 

Whilst hugely significant this is not a first. We have designed and built a number of special-purpose machines for the floor coverings industry, gasket manufacturing and other non-print applications lately. 

We see definite growth in this segment. Whilst I am prohibited from talking about this project I can say that it has a very demanding specification and needs all the benefits of Natgraph's PEAK proposition. Learn about PEAK and what it has to offer you here.

Douglas Gray