All set for Lopec 2019

March 14, 2019

All set for Lopec 2019. Yes, it was a stretch getting here but the plan worked a charm with the booth setup in under 2 hours. We dropped the tail lift on the van and wheeled the kit in. Really feel for a near neighbour, also from the UK, whose kit had not shown up and was apparently missing. His assessment was a late night would be result compared to no booth which is a distinct possibility. The upside of the van is a fast exit at the end too. I have done exhibitions where boxes have gone missing and had to wait 6 hours after the show closed to get fully packed up. Not this time! Anyway, had a wander round and if the quality of the visitors is as good as the quality of the exhibitors then we are in for a good show. Glass is a thing at this event so my instincts to bring those messages to the fore was vindicated. Feeling positive for this week. I wish all participants at Lopec 2019 a very successful week.