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About Us

Natgraph was founded in 1980 and since has established itself as a key player in the Industrial Printing market globally. The company is based in Nottingham, UK from where it exports close to 90% of factory output to customers in Europe, The Americas and Asia.

The company was one of the first in the industry to shift focus from the graphics market to industrial applications where the requirements for Precision & Control, uniformity and repeatability presented a very new challenge. Happily our business is blessed with exceptional engineers with talent in mechanical and electrical design. This has also enabled us to lead the way in PLC control.

Our company boasts a talented team which features great expertise, deep experience, limitless energy and high commitment to the business - for the benefit of our customers.

Today Natgraph answers the needs of the most demanding print applications in the world. We do that by respecting the clear promises made in our PEAK proposition and as such are the drying and curing supplier of choice for the leading companies within the Automotive, Medical, Electronics, Security Print, Glass, Label, Textile Transfer and Print Finishing markets.

Our markets often require tailored, high-performance solutions and so our factory is designed for that very purpose. We are vertically integrated and convert sheet steel into precise, controllable and energy efficient electro-mechanical drying equipment. This approach enables us to be agile, responsive and innovative in our quest to support our customers with the best equipment available anywhere in the world.

We are proud of our close partnerships with leading companies in print that include Sakurai Graphic Corporation, Thieme GmbH and Inca Digital. These world-leading companies recognise the criticality of drying and curing for exceptional customer outcomes, and entrust Natgraph products to work seamlessly with their own.

Our business is fortunate to have a long-established network of distribution partners around the world. These companies are veterans of numerous projects so have excellent experience, product knowledge and the right relationships within our company to offer seamless customer experiences.