FESPA 2010

Natgraph UV curing at 4,000 prints per hour confirms order

Order at Fespa 2010

The new developments being operated by Natgraph at FESPA 2010 in Munich demonstrated the continued viability of the screenprinting process rewarding the company with several confirmed orders.

The high speed line screen printing that was centre stage of the Natgraph stand was ordered by Austrian specialist screenprinting company Stainer Schriften & Siebdruck GesmbH & Co KG. Mr Arno Stainer and his staff confirmed their satisfaction upon seeing the line printing industrial products and the amazing sight of a high build UV varnish effect being produced at 4,000 sheets per hour!

The Air Force Dryer featured Natgraph's new Electronic UV System, with an inlet mounted UV Bridge for full versatility in printing fine definition UV at high speeds. This dryer also benefited from a memory saving option, refrigerated cooling and integrated automatic sheet stacker.

The order was confirmed by Michael Koenig of Simon GmbH and was celebrated by all.

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