Sheet Stackers and Collection Trays


Natgraph's Automatic Sheet Stackers have been developed over many years with 100's of these units in daily use world-wide. Available in 8 standard sizes, there are also purpose built versions for high pile/high speed applications and special substrates.

The Automatic Sheet Stacker can be fitted with a Continuous Operation System. This feature allows a small or large pile of printed substrate to be removed from the stacker without interrupting the printing cycle, therefore allowing continuous operation.

An optional CCTV Stack Monitoring System can be added to allow the print machine operator to view the operation of the stacker remotely.

Natgraph also manufacture a range of Collection Trays for smaller print runs, these are available in all 8 standard sizes, as well as special versions for side take-off applications.

A range of Vibrating Collection Trays is manufactured to all Natgraph's standard dryer sizes.


Automatic Sheet Stackers

  • Independant control or syncronisation with Natgraph dryer
  • PLC Touch Screen Control System
  • Digital sheet counter
  • Sheet ‘jam' sensing system
  • Feeder stop switch
  • Side load/unload option
  • Touch screen control of:-

- Inlet conveyor speed

- Vacuum on/off

- Pneumatic side jogger delay/frequency

- Joggers open/closed

- Air blower delay time/duration

- Stack height adjustment

Sheet Collection Trays

  • Adjustable sheet stop
  • Height and angle adjustment
  • Large hand wheels
  • 8 sizes
  • Castors (Not vibrating model)
  • Optional air blower tube

Continuous Operation Option

  • Pneumatically operated support ‘gate'
  • PLC control system
  • Fault Signals


CCTV Stack Monitoring System

A colour CCTV system can be fitted to all Natgraph dryers, this system includes a freestanding, mast mounted camera above the stacker and a dedicated TV monitor mounted on a fully adjustable stand above the inlet of the dryer. This allows the operator to see the stacker without leaving the printing machine, which is very important when operating long, high speed, fully automatic printing lines.





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