Self Contained Exposure Unit

Natgraph manufacture a complete range of Self Contained Exposure Units to accept an extensive range of frame sizes within these compact, cabinet type systems. This design incorporates the Metal Halide Light Source in the base of the unit and the glass/vacuum frame on top; these units are therefore fully enclosed allowing safe operation even in open work rooms.

A 6 model range covers every requirement, with 3 different sizes and various light source power levels available. From the small model 0, the mid sized model 1, 2 and 2B up to the larger models 3, 3A and 3B, there is a unit to accept all small to medium size screen frames. All models include a Light Integrator as standard with additional features, including fluorescent touch-up lights and low power selection as standard.

For industrial, textiles, education and graphic applications, these self contained units are capable of exposing direct, capillary film or indirect photo-stencils as well as litho and pad printing plates, photo etch resists etc.

  • Light Integrator (Memory option)
  • Easy lamp change and glass cleaning
  • Rapid Start or Automatic Shutter option
  • Compact self contained unit
  • Split construction
  • Fluorescent ‘touch-up' lights
  • Single phase and three phase versions

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download brochure
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