PEAK - your drying reaching new heights

16 Jun 2017

We believe PEAK perfectly embodies the key features and benefits of working with Natgraph and our world-leading technology. This is what it means...


P - Precision & Control

• Proven product design
• Tight process control for the most demanding applications
• Close process monitoring and control
• Intuitive HMI and automation
• Minimises waste
• Maximises profitability

E - Energy Efficiency

•Smart design - extracting maximum value from every kW of energy you buy
• Intelligent Energy Control - aligning energy consumption to press activity - saving 40-45% of energy consumption
• Heat Exchangers - capturing up to 60% of exhaust energy that would otherwise be lost - adding a further 10% energy saving

A- Application Knowledge

Natgraph s has deep knowledge of the most demanding applications including:

• Automotive - trim, sensors, decals
• Electronics - membrane switch, FSR & circuits
• Biosensors - glucose, DNA, protein & water amongst others
• Plastic Card - credit card and security print
• Textile Transfer -
• Glass - architectural & functional
• Print Finishing

K - Know How

Natgraph's expertise and knowledge, gained from 30 years of market leadership delivers value to our customers.

The Natgraph Drying Solutions Centre allied with our expertise will enable you define and optimise your dying process.  State of the art printing and drying facilities will enable you to develop and prove your process meaning no risk for your investment.  

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