Natgraph Works for distributor engineers

25 May 2017

Following on from our highly successful Natgraph Now event for our worldwide distributor network, we now have an event for engineers working on our products - Natgraph Works.

Natgraph Works will be a two day technical event in the Natgraph factory, Nottingham, presented by the Natgraph Technical Team that will cover all aspects of installing, commissioning and in-depth technical aspects of Natgraph Drying and Curing Systems.

Commented Natgraph Technical Director, Rick Mann: "We believe this is a valuable opportunity for our agents and distributors to enhance their service to customers and to broaden their engineers'/technicians' knowledge and skills in installation, optimisation and maintaining long-term performance of Natgraph equipment.  There will be practical examples and demonstrations supplied together with best troubleshooting methods."

Additionally there will be the Natgraph Factory Tour to see the dryers being made from flat sheet steel to finished tested & working lines and a chance to meet the team responsible for this.

The Natgraph team will also be hosting an evening out in Nottingham for all delegates attending the event.



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