From Good to Great!

3 Nov 2017

Natgraph has recently passed a number of important milestones on its journey from ‘Good To Great.'

In August 2017 the bar for income was raised to a new record, passing the previous level by some 25%. By the end of September (month 6) the previous year's turnover was exceeded with another excellent month. October saw another substantial record for income, passing the August record by 50% and Natgraph is now  firmly on target to exceed the turnover of 16/17 by close to 100%.

This is a source of great pride for the entire team and a direct result of their focused hard work, planning and willingness to challenge themselves and their colleagues. 

Douglas Gray, Sales Director, commented: "We always knew there was so much more to come from all departments. Without exception every member of the team has responded to the challenge. Hard work has been a factor of course but planning, embracing change and contributing to new practises has been the foundation on which this success has been built. We challenged every person in the business and they have, without exception, taken on the challenge and responded in a focused, thoughtful and deliberate way. They all feel invested in something pretty remarkable and quite special."

The most pleasing aspect is that this is all completely sustainable. With over 90% of shipments going to export, Natgraph products are more widely recognised than ever. The company has a clear vision of who its customers are and is taking a simple message to them about the unique capabilities these excellent products can offer. This thoughtful and deliberate approach is yielding efficient selling and fantastic results which are reflected in both the order book and, most critically, the pipeline.  

As Natgraph looks to the future it sees greater demand which will be answered by its high-performance factory that keeps on getting better. Douglas Gray added: "There is no better feeling for a Sales Person than taking a clear message about excellent products to receptive, qualified prospects in the certain knowledge that the team at the factory will rise to the challenge and exceed customer expectations."

The journey from ‘Good To Great' is well underway at Natgraph and promises huge benefits to customers and our team alike. The whole company remains focused, ambitious and curious for more progress that will serve its global customers' needs for performance and innovation.



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