Efficiency and precision in demand

10 May 2018

Our new financial year has started much as the previous one ended, with high demand and a very busy factory. The two machines pictured are both fast approaching completion.

The machine on the left of this view is a very complex drier for a special application and a total length of 14m. It has infra-red throughout the hot modules, pneumatic lifting of all hoods and heat exchangers with sophisticated control elements. 

These control features will closely manage the energy levels within each module. The heat exchangers, combined with our Intelligent Energy Control, will reduce this customer's energy costs by close to 50% on a like-for-like basis. This is great news for their bottom line and the environment.

The dryer on the right comes in at 18m total length and is heading to China for one of our biosensors customers. This will be their fourth unit and comprises a 2m UV Cooler, six hot modules and a chiller module. 

Biosensors are an application that require very high precision and control in order to guarantee repeatable characterisation of the product. With temperature accuracy within 0.1⁰C and uniformity across the belt width within 0.5⁰C only Natgraph can deliver the performance this life-critical application depends on.



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