Battle stations in Nottingham

25 Feb 2016

Natgraph has declared war - War on Waste! 

As a manufacturer of premium products and a global supplier with clear technical and product-performance advantages over the competition, we have made decisive, and exciting moves to protect and grow those assets.

Our War on Waste, lean-operating, initiative will significantly reduce all-important lead times, to ensure that a customer-pleasing delivery date is part of all new orders.

The best manufacturing companies in the world are lean manufacturers and this philosophy is now becoming an integral part of Natgraph's business. Lean is all about the elimination of waste, whether that be material waste or time waste, contributing to competitively-priced, swiftly delivered products.

The War on Waste message is already familiar to the entire Natgraph team - with reminders of the following eight ‘elements' displayed on factory banners, staff t-shirts and posters.

  • Over Production
  • Over Processing
  • Excess Inventory
  • Defects
  • Transport
  • Time
  • Motion
  • Employee Genius

Training is also underway for the Natgraph team, and the first important changes to production systems now in place.

Commented Sales Director, Douglas Gray: "War on Waste is one of the most important initiatives ever undertaken here at Natgraph. The results of the changes we are making will have positive impacts on staff, customers and distributors, and ensure that we maintain and enhance our reputation and sector-leading position in the global market."



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