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Compact UV Dryer

10 Jun 2010

London Specialist Proofing House, has seen its productivity double since installing two Natgraph Freestanding UV dryers.

Proofing House

The company, which prints for some of the UK's largest brands, specialises in printing on any surface, including glass, shrink wrap, plastic and vinyl.  It offers its customers the ability to print prototype product packaging for market testing or advertising such as new wrappers for Green and Blacks chocolate, Coca Cola's new cans or Colgate's toothpaste.


Before installing the UV dryers, Proofing House had very inefficient drying systems that could take more than 60 hours to cure a single product.  Founder and MD of Proofing House, John Jones, said: "Our process is more complicated than traditional printing as we have to wait for each separate colour to dry before doing the next one.  Each colour was taking a frustrating four to six hours to print and dry. When you have up to 10 colours, you can see the huge problem that we had.


"I am delighted to say that Natgraph has helped our business to become significantly more profitable.  Since installing the UV Dryers, our drying times have plummeted and operating costs have dropped dramatically, in fact by increasing our output we have raised our profit margin by 75 - 80%. I just wished I had installed these dryers years ago."


Proofing House is a business that has successfully reinvented itself following the advent of digital printing.  As a traditional lithographic proofing company, it started to see its market disappearing and moved into the specialist proofing market. The business has not looked back and is now a market leader in its field.


Natgraph worked with John to identify the most cost-effective solution. Alan Shaw, Natgraph's Commercial Director added: "It is good to provide a drying solution for a new application and to work with an innovative operation like Proofing House. This specification of dryer was developed for traditional proofing applications, and has been further developed to increase power output by 30%, without running hot and to include PLC touch screen control."



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