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Air Force High Temperature / Infra Red / UV Combination Dryer

10 Jun 2010

Parlex visit to Natgraph

Phong Khuu and Rick Mann - Completion of FAT's for Parlex at Natgraph


Parlex, a Johnson Electric Company, based in the UK's Isle of Wight produces flexible circuits for a wide range of industries ranging from medical to computing and automotive to telecommunications. Parlex manufactures its own conductive pastes which it utilises in screenprinting processes. These are applied to produce a range of products including blood glucose strips for diabetics, diagnostic sensors and radio frequency identification tags.


The production process requires its pastes to be applied in many layers.  Although Parlex are not carrying out traditional screenprinting using standard inks, their techniques are similar, with layer upon layer of pastes being applied and then dried.


 Parlex in construction

Parlex in construction


Global Manufacturing Manager, Dominic Ward, said: "We have been working with Natgraph for many years now and enjoy a successful relationship. The reliability of the two dryers that we purchased, the Air Force High Temperature Infra Red Dryer and the Air Force High Temperature UV Combination Dryer, means that we have been able to work in markets that require absolute repeatability and reliability such as the medical industry."


"The equipment also never breaks down," continued Dominic, "so when you consider that we run a three shift production line, it contributes towards our profitability. The equipment is that good that we never have to contact Natgraph!"


Working together with Natgraph, Parlex have accomplished the tight drying tolerances that have enabled them to enter new markets where consistency is essential. The control systems and build quality of these dryers is designed by Natgraph to provide a consistent and repeatable drying environment for the printed products to be dried within.


 Parlex in construction

Parlex in construction


Parlex have two Natgraph driers at its UK site, and have recently purchased one in the US.  They are a market leader in interconnect technologies and employ 150 people in the UK, with thousands more employed around the world.


Alan Shaw, Commercial Director of Natgraph commented: "Our dryers are used in the manufacture of ‘life dependent' products used in the medical industry by the leading bio sensor manufacturers around the globe.  It is because of our experience, build quality and control systems that organisations like Parlex return to us again and again."



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